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Townsville Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Yona Shalom Prayer Group

We are a welcoming community made up of Christians from all walks of life whose commitment is to grow into a deeper personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through the love and renewing power of the Holy Spirit.

Each week we gather in a spirit of praise and worship through song, prayer, scripture reading and teaching.

The emphasis is on an openness to the Holy Spirit and His presence and renewing action within us.


The atmosphere is one of friendship, love, support and encouragement where each person is respected and valued for who they are.


Our format consists of:

  •    A time of praise and worship in song

  •    Exercising the spiritual gifts

  •    A time of sharing and prayer

  •    Teaching from the scriptures

  •    A time of gathering in fellowship


Within this community there is:

  •    A Care & Concern Group

  •    Home Based Bible Study Groups

  •    An Intercessory Group

  •    A Music Ministry

  •    A Welcoming and Hospitality Group


We offer programs/experiences:

  •    Born of the Spirit

  •    Alive in the Spirit

  •    Masses for Healing

  •    Development of your Spiritual Gifts

  •    Weekly teachings on various topics, to assist in developing the whole Christian person.

What is the Catholic Charismtic Renewal

UNITING as ONE Jubilee Celebration

Our Name & Our Purpose

When Trudy Clarke was appointed to lead the prayer group which had already been meeting for many years she felt deeply that the group needed a name that would define its purpose. Below is how the group was named Yona Shalom which means Dove of Peace (Gentle Dove)


Sunday, 15th August 1999

Today I spent time with the Lord, pouring out my heart for the Prayer Group to Him, seeking earnestly His wisdom and counsel for a name for our group. I shared with Him, how important I feel a name is, for it gives us an identity, and, our identity depicts who we are, and enables us to move towards living out its' purpose and meaning.


I love the word "OIL", and, it was very much in the front of my mind. I found my mind kept tossing around different words to stand alongside of the word oil. I then spent time trying to empty these words and thoughts, and, confessing to the Lord, that I felt that this was such an important decision to make, that I really needed to hear His voice, and that I was contented to wait as to such time that I was satisfied that He had spoken. After some time, the following is an account of what I sensed the Lord saying. "You are my "beloved," (the meaning of the name Trudy) and I will lead you.


The name of your group will be called "GENTLE DOVE". The gentle describes the way in which I will heal. For the fracture in some people’s hearts and lives is so deep, and their healing and restoration will take time, and much tenderness and care. The gentleness describes the aspect of my love, pouring from a heart that is respectful of where people are at, and the level of their woundedness, and I will not be harsh and take them too quickly, for to do so would be cruel. Instead I will soothe their wounds, and heal their pain gently, easing their burdens. The gentleness shall be the oil poured forth which slowly filters and permeates their entire being restoring their body, mind and spirit. It shall be the mantle that rests upon the heaviness and caresses and soothes the brokenness.


The DOVE shall be the symbol of my Spirit who will rest over the group. The Dove will be a sign of the Peace flowing from me to the people. It will be your covering, and anointing, and I want you to be reminded of this each time you meet. I will reside over you, and lead you. Be sensitive to my presence with you, and allow my anointing to "waft" over you like a sweet smelling fragrance melting your hearts, changing your lives, and gifting you for my purpose.


Through you, I will demonstrate that I am Meek and Humble of heart, that My yoke is easy and My burden light. ALL are invited to COME, and shoulder My yoke for I am Gentle and Humble of heart. (Matt. 11: 28-30)


Truth and Integrity shall be your sword, therefore, must be encouraged at all times. Compassion and Love will be your motivation, and Faith and Trust your foundation. If you follow these guidelines and live them out and practice them, you will be my witnesses, my church, and I will draw people to you.


Honour my name at all times, and try to live holy lives. Your unity shall be your strength and will demonstrate my love and presence with you."


Yours in Christ


Trudy Clarke.

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